Monday, December 31, 2012

Barnes and Noble Haul

I just recently went to Barnes and Noble to pick up some books related to teaching. I love watching hauls. In case you are not aware of what a haul is, it's a video in which someone shares what they bought. The reason I love watching haul videos is because I get to see things that are available that I may not have known of. I decided to create a haul video on my latest Barnes and Noble haul.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Happenings

It has been a long December. Usually we only have two weeks to squeeze everything Christmas/holiday related in. This year we had three weeks and boy did these three weeks drag on. I don't think I've ever been ready for Christmas to be over. We did have a lot of fun though. Here are a few snapshots of how we spent our December.

Since December started, we've been doing a lot of centers through out the day. December is a time when the normal, daily schedule is thrown out the door and you welcome the unknown. For our class we have a lot of testing during this time of year and a "normal" day is something we hardly ever see in December.

Speaking of not normal, the last week of school was spirit week. We had red and green day, pajama day, twin day, backwards day, and my favorite... crazy hair day. Crazy hair day is a favorite for anyone who has naturally curly hair. I have crazy hair every day, for one day out of the year, I have an excuse.

On pajama day we made hot chocolate and watched the Polar Express. 

 My kids were so excited to have hot chocolate. I wish I could show you their little faces with chocolate mustaches.  

Tried my best at getting a class photo without a tripod.

Then it was the day of our Holiday concert. Look at my precious little darling in the front with her big read bow.
On our last day of school I gave my students their presents. It was the book "The Night Before the Night Before Christmas".

They loved it and couldn't wait to read it.

Some of my students even read to each other.

Well that was it for our December happenings. I hope that you all have a safe and wonderful Christmas and New Year. I will be back in January with some brand new things and ready to go strong. See you in 2013!!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Elf on the Shelf

This year I decided to do Elf of the Shelf with my class. I have always wanted to do it with my own children, but of course I don't have any yet, so I had to improvise. I only had him in my room for 4 days and it's a little sad that he is gone. Next year I will be bringing him in after Thanksgiving and he won't leave until Christmas break. My students this year went a little overboard with looking for him. I guess you can say this was my "test" year. This week I also found so many great ideas to incorporate into my classroom for next year. Since I have nothing too special to share with you, I will go ahead and leave you with some of our pictures of our elf, Skip.

We found Skip on Tuesday hanging onto our easel.

After decorating our Christmas tree with ornaments, Skip decided he wanted to hang out on the tree as well.

Reading a Christmas story to his friends.

Hanging on the flag pole.

Drinking Mrs. Ruiz's root beer.

Closeup of the root beer.

Just chillin' in the Smartie Pants.

I have so many ideas already for next year including: watching tv with the remote, writing a message on the white board, taking a bath in the sink with marshmallows. The possibilities are endless. It's been a little tricky because the students aren't supposed to touch him. I will have to buy him a few props for next year as well. I also need to add velcro to his hands so he can do a few more things. Already planning!!