Thursday, February 21, 2013

Anti-Bullying Day

Today was anti-bullying day at our school. I'm not sure if it's a national day, but today all our classrooms taught a bullying lesson. Our second grade team decided on this lesson to teach. At first I didn't think my kids were understanding it. I had them draw a picture of themselves. While they were drawing I wanted them to look at their picture and think of all the good things about themselves. What were they proud of. Then we sat on the floor a traded pictures. After trading we talked about how bullies treat people. I had each student say things that bullies tell others to their paper person. They crumppled the paper up. Then I had them apologize to the paper person while uncrinkling it.
Then I had them give the paper person back to the original creator. I asked them if their paper looked the same or different. They all said that it was different. We all went into a discussion on how bullying will affect you and even if someone says they're sorry, we will never forget how it felt. I had them picture a crumppled up heart.
Finally we had parter time. This is when it really hit home. My students were able to talk about bullying and how it has affected them personally. Some of my kids were getting teary eyed and I realized that I should have explicitly taught about bullying earlier on in the year.
It's never too late to talk about bullying and it is something that can be a year long discussion. I'm just glad that I had this lesson and chance to talk about an issue that our students are dealing with everyday. It makes them realize that we understand what they are going through and that we are here to help them.
What do you do in your own classrooms to help stop bullying? Please feel free to leave a comment or link to some activities that you find helpful.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Friday Recap on Sunday

I have had a busy week, to say the least. I figured the best way to recap is to participate in

Randomness #1

Valentine's Day was on Thursday. It was a lot of fun. I loved that it was on an early release day and the following day (Friday) there was no school for the students. Teachers had an inservice day. I want to share some of our pictures from our mustache party.

 I used A Cupcake For the Teacher's Valentine's Day file to write a conversation heart story. My students LOVED it and some of their stories were amazing. Here is my favorite.

 While my students were passing out their cards, we played some fun games. I make it into a rotation so every 10 minutes the students rotated to a new station. One of the stations was passing out their cards. Another was this fun little pin the mustache on a man game.

 I also made a few props for our version on a photo booth. I brought in my new Canon t4i. My students felt like celebrities.

Then came the cupcakes. These cupcakes deserved 3 pictures. They were the prettiest cupcakes I have EVER seen in my life and they tasted amazing. I saved some of the velum pieces for scrapbooking.

Randomness #2
I got a shout out of A Cupcake For the Teacher's blog. She used my little owl bags. I was so excited when I saw her blog post!!

Randomness #3
I bought a new car! Here's my quick little car story. Ever since I was in high school I always wanted a Black Toyota Corolla S. I had a For Thunderbird at the time so a Corolla was definitely an upgrade. During college my husband and I looked around the first dealership we went to and I spotted a Corolla. Now this was a Subaru dealership so it was the only Corolla on the lot. Of course I needed it. I was a 2006 Corolla LE. It was two years old and I loved it. We had that car for about 3-4 years until 10 months ago when we thought it was time for a bigger car because we needed more storage space. We got the Mazda 5. We loved it, but we wanted to get a car that was good on gas mileage. We were originally going to get a Prius, but when I saw the new 2013 Corolla S, I knew I had to have it. So now I do. We are lacking storage again, but I've never been so happy about purchasing a car. Now we will wait 5 years to get a second car, which will have storage. This Corolla will be mine FOREVER!!

Randomness #4
I went shopping for some crafty stuff and a few things for my classroom. I bought an extra blue trash can for one of my tables, Mr. Popper's Penguins DVD, and some clear pebbles for reading that I saw either on Pinterest or one of the teaching blogs.

With all of my crafty shopping I have to start crafting. So here is a layout that I worked on in my Smashbook the other day. If you want to visit my crafting blog, you can click HERE.
So that's about it for my week and weekend. I am so glad that tomorrow is President's Day and I have another day off. This weekend went by so fast. Only a few more weeks until Spring Break though, how exciting!! 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Giveaway Winner and a SALE!!

A big thank you goes out to everyone who entered my giveaway. The winner was Lori R. Congratulations Lori!! I sent you an email with my Owl You Need is Love file. I told you that I had something exciting planned for everyone. I know that Valentine's Day is coming up and my file will be on sale for 2 days.  

Saturday, February 9, 2013

100 Follower Giveaway

I reached 100 followers and I'm so excited!! Thank you so much for following and leaving such amazing comments. I also want to thank every one who has purchased my Valentine's Day file...

In honor of Valentine's Day coming up as well as receiving 100 followers, I am giving away one of these files for free. All you have to do is enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck to you all. Make sure to check back on Monday to see who won. I will also have another surprise for you all, but you must check back on Monday!! 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Introducing President's Day and Firefighters!!

This week was a quick one, but very tiring. Monday and Tuesday were my only full teaching days. Sometimes you just have one of those weeks. On Wednesday my students took their English proficiency test. I was so nervous throughout the whole thing and I hope they did well! Thursday was early release and today was... FIRE FIGHTER DAY!! I have been arranging a firefighter to come visit for the past few months and today was finally the day that my students got to meet him. I didn't tell them about the visit until minutes before we left. They were so excited and so was I. I have a couple pictures to share with you from today.

The firefighter that came was AMAZING!! We was great with the kids and had them interact with his presentation. After his presentation was over, he had us simulate smoke with gray fabric that the kids had to crawl under. I have to admit, I was a little frightened when 100 second graders started stampeding towards me, but it was fun.
Afterwards, we went outside and we got to go into the fire truck. I've never seen my students so happy. They needed this fun little presentation after a stressful week of testing.
When we weren't taking tests or putting out fires, we were starting our study on presidents. We started by using Cara Carrol's
Here is my favorite one. I love how he's winking. When my student turned in his paper I said,"What's wrong with his eye?" He then said, "He's winking, like this." and gave me a little wink. Haha, so cute!!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Amazing Week!

If you couldn't already tell by the title of this post, I had an amazing week! I had one of those, "I love teaching and nothing is going to get me down kind of weeks." I've been needing a week like this for a while now. We were extremely busy all week and I didn't get time to take pictures of anything. We didn't really do anything post worthy, other than our Presidents Day activity. It's drying right now and once I hang it up on the wall, I will post pictures. Another exciting part is that one of our friends came back! I've had a student that has been afraid to come to class since November for personal reasons. He missed a lot of school and the days that he came to school, he spent them in the office or with the school counselor. I am happy to report that he is back and adjusting back to normal. Our class feels whole again. :-)

Now onto my week in pictures...

We have thouroughly been enjoying our carpet. I can't believe how much joy it has brought to our class. We just love it! As someone that was in my class said, "I love how your carpet is different from all the same 'ol carpets. It makes it stand out." I completely agree! This week we used it to sort our plural words in abc order and make it easier to match up.

This week we worked on plurals and my students did so well with it. We are continuing next week. I also found this cute freebie that I will be using in class next week.

Please pardon the creepy eyes. I am not on my computer with my photoshop so no cute sunglasses this week, just creepy alien eyes. :-) We have week long specials so my students had art this week. They made dragons for Chinese New Year. All of them came out so great!!

On a more personal note, I went shopping for craft supplies. I love crafting. If you didn't know I have another blog dedicated to crafting. You can click the picture below for a link to it! :-)

Jennuine Crafts

Here's just a cute little comic that I felt like sharing. I have a Dachshund and if you know the type of dog they are, you know this fits them to a T!!!

Then if I thought this week couldn't get any better, I get this email from my principal at the end of the day. I'm a firm believer that if you put out good thoughts, actions, and feelings, good things will come in return. I tried to focus of the positive this week and I didn't let anything get me down and it ended up being the best week I've had in a long time!

And of course, as always...