Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My Classroom Management Plan

With going into my 10th year teaching, I figured it was time to brush up on my classroom management plan. I decided to ditch the classroom rules and just stick with one... BE KIND! That's it, be kind. If students are being kind, then they would be following any rule I would have in my classroom anyways.

So how am I tracking my classroom behavior? I am using a clip chart as well as Class Dojo and Brag Tags. Sounds like a lot right? If you want to see in detail how I plan on managing all of this, go ahead and watch my video below.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Brag Tags

I have been using Brag Tags in my classroom for the past year and I absolutely love them. They have truly transformed the positive environment in my classroom. In this video I will go into more detail on how I implement brag tags in my classroom.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Flexible Seating

Flexible seating... what is it? Is it a fad? Should you jump on the "bandwagon" and try it out too? Lets first start off with what flexible seating is NOT! Flexible seating is not getting rid of all of your classroom chairs, replacing them with yoga balls, and calling it a day! Flexible seating is also not a free for all for your students. I can just imagine all of the chaos if you through a bunch of students into a room with all these different seating choices and no direction on how to use them appropriately. In this video I go into my thoughts on flexible seating and how I implement it into my classroom.

Expectations are EVERYTHING!!! This includes flexible seating. I can't expect my class to use flexible seating correctly without first modeling it for them. That's why I begin every year with an anchor chart. Yes, there will be excitement. Yes, there will be arguing about who gets which seat first. Yes, it will be scary at first. Yes... it does get better. The "newness" of flexible seating wears off and flexible seating becomes the new normal. I don't have students "earn" flexible seating because it's just how our classroom runs.

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Summer School Plans

Summer just started for me and you would think that means days of not showering, staying in pajamas all day long, and catching up on all of my favorite Netflix shows. Think again!! Last week was my last week of school and next week I start summer school. I have been preparing for summer school this week and I've had a lot of questions about what I'm going to be doing. So of course I filmed a video for you all.

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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Jennuine Teaching Lesson Planner

I absolutely love planning, but I couldn't find the prefect lesson planner. Instead of trying to find the right one, I just went ahead and made my own. If you are like me and in search for the perfect lesson planner, maybe this one is for you!! Watch the video to see what is included in my lesson planner.

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Summer Series Introduction

Hello blogging world. It's been a little while since I've posted here on my blogspot. I made the switch over to my own hosted website on wordpress, but after much consideration, decided to come back to blogger. My reasons for coming back are the fact that I was spending a little over $200 a year on a blog that I wasn't updating as much as I'd like. I do plan on coming back to blog more frequently, but most of my content is over on YouTube now. This blog will serve as an additional resource to go along with my YouTube videos.

With that said I would love to introduce my Summer Series to you. I know that as teachers we are drained and tired from the school year we just finished. Something strange happens on the first day of summer vacation though. After you finish binge watching Netflix in your pajamas most of the day, you realize that you have a bit of motivation for the next school year starting to sneak up on you. You may not be quite ready to see the back to school sales start or even want to think about lesson planning, but you wouldn't mind starting to brainstorm about next year. That's where my Summer Series comes in!

I have the whole month of June planned and ready to go. I will be releasing a new video Monday-Thursday with Friday being reserved for a live chat. Each week there will be a theme and the videos, as well as the live chat for that week will revolve around the theme. The schedule for those videos is as follows...

Prepping for the Upcoming School Year
  • June 5th- What to Do Before the Current School Year Ends
  • June 6th- Summer Prep
  • June 7th- Summer Professional Development
  • June 8th- Back to School Prep
  • June 9th- Live Chat on YouTube at 5:00 MST
Classroom Management
  • June 12th- Classroom Management Basics
  • June 13th- Behavior Problems
  • June 14th- Engagement Strategies
  • June 15th- Building Classroom Community
  • June 16th- Live Chat on YouTube at 5:00 MST
Classroom Setup
  • June 19th- Physical Space
  • June 20th- Flexible Seating
  • June 21st- Classroom Theme
  • June 22nd- Substitute Plans
  • June 23rd- Live Chat on YouTube at 5:00 MST
Teacher Wellness
  • June 26th- Daily Schedule and Routines
  • June 27th- Teacher Stress
  • June 28th- Home Away From Home
  • June 29th- Comparisons
  • June 30th- Live Chat on YouTube at 5:00 MST
As you can see, June is going to be a busy month over on my YouTube channel. I go back to work at the beginning of August and since I will be teaching summer school all June, I plan on taking a break in July to rest and rejuvenate to prepare for the upcoming school year. I know some of you are already on summer break and these videos will be released over your first month of summer. Other teachers may not get out until the end of June, making July the perfect time to catch up and maybe even start planning for your school year.

Now of course, it wouldn't be a Jennuine Teaching blog post without a video introducing you to my Summer Series. So for those of you who prefer videos, this one's for you!!