Sunday, May 28, 2017

Jennuine Teaching Lesson Planner

I absolutely love planning, but I couldn't find the prefect lesson planner. Instead of trying to find the right one, I just went ahead and made my own. If you are like me and in search for the perfect lesson planner, maybe this one is for you!! Watch the video to see what is included in my lesson planner.

Materials Mentioned 

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  1. Hi. I love your videos. I love your story as well. You are a great teacher and I'm very inspired by all your videos. My name is Wanda and I am an elementary english teacher in Puerto Rico. I teach Kinder and first graders. I became a teacher as a desire of my parents. By this time of my life I love teaching my kids. I would love to have a classroom as nice and beautiful as yours. Every day I watch your videos because you are as a friend to me at the other end of the computer. So keep up with your work. ok