Saturday, May 19, 2012

School Year Ending

As my fourth year of teaching comes to an end, I find myself reflecting. These past four years have flown by and all of my school years are starting the blend. I guess you can say that I am now a veteran teacher about to start her fifth year. Scary!! I started this blog at the beginning of the second year and didn't use it that much to document my teaching or share new things. Towards the middle-end of this year I got reenergized to teach. I found myself making more time at home to read more about teaching and finding new ideas, thanks to pinterest and all of those amazing teacher blogs. Who knew that one website could excite me again? This summer I am going to be doing a lot of planning as well as things to make teaching fun again! Sometimes you just need a little revamp to things. Speaking of revamp, I have been working on a new layout for my blog and hopefully this summer I will have time to finish it and get it up and running. I will be around through out the summer, but towards the end of July- beginning of August, that's when I will be back. Bring on year 5!!!

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