Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Marshmallow Mouths and Toes

If you are anything like me, I enjoy having a straight quiet line while walking in the hallways. It makes me proud to show off my class because it shows that they have respect for other learners. And lets be real here, it is down right embarrassing when you have a noisy class walking in line. It's like a stampede is coming.

For years I have used bubbles in your mouth and hands behind your back. Well this is good for the quite mouths, but I still get stompers in my class. Last year it wasn't a huge deal because our hallways were carpeted, but now they are just concrete, so noise spreads so easily. This year I decided to use marshmallow mouths and toes.

I started off by bringing out the marshmallows. I had a lot of oooohhhhhsssss and aaaaahhhhhsssss... exactly what I wanted. We talked about marshmallows and used our 5 senses to describe them. This was also a perfect way to introduce adjectives. After we made a list, I let each of my students eat a marshmallow. WHAT?? We get to eat one? Yes!! While they were eating their marshmallows, I had them listen to what they heard. After all of the marshmallows were swallowed, we talked about what we heard. To their surprise, they heard nothing!

Then I stood on the table, YES, that's right ON the table!! I put a marshmallow on the table and stepped on it. I did this for two reasons. One so all of the students could see what I was doing and second, so I could control the smashing of the marshmallow. Nothing like having to clean 18 smashed marshmallows out of the carpet.

We then proceeded to talk about what we heard. Again, it was nothing. We then got into a conversation about marshmallows being soft, fluffy, quiet food. I asked them what it would sound like if we walked with marshmallows in our mouths and on our toes and they said it would sound quite. We then practiced walking around the room with marshmallow mouths and toes.

Afterwards I taught them a song that would remind them to stay quite in the hall. Then they were able to create a craft that went along with our poem.

Finally, my students were able to show how well they learned by walking into the hall with their marshmallow mouths and toes. They did an amazing job!
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