Friday, October 5, 2012

Stress-Free Morning

Do you ever have those morning with your students where it seems like they are all asking you what to do? Every morning we have a routine. My students come in, take out their homework folders, put their back packs away, start their morning work, and when they are finished they can either read a book or work on their math facts. It's been the same since the first day of school, but I still have students who ask me what to do when they are finished, or even worse... they just sit there and do NOTHING! I have created a morning checklist that will have all of those answers for, "What do I do next?" and that will leave you time to get morning routines done like lunch count and attendance.

I have made a checklist that follows my morning routine, but I have also created a blank checklist that you can customize in your classroom. You can get the file HERE for free.

1 comment:

  1. These are so valuable especially for students with ADHD or who have trouble following multistep directions. I'll probably laminate these and tape it on my students desk so they can reuse them every day by checking it off with a dry erase marker. Thanks!!!