Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring Fever

To say that my class has spring fever is an understatement. We had district benchmarks this week and we still have another long week of conferences to go until spring break. We are holding on though!! To make this week a little fun since it's been so stressful, I made sure to add in a lot of craftivities, my, I mean my students' favorite!!

1. Contractions
In order to get ready for our district benchmark we did a lot of review. One of the things that we reviewed was contractions.

We used these little contraction crocodiles from Cara Carrol's Crazy for Contractions file.

We also played a cute little contraction memory game that I found over at Learning in Wonderland and you can it for free here from Caitlyn Taylor.

2. Dental Health
I'm cheating a little. I actually did these last week, but I wasn't able to share this cute little dental health craftivity.

I also found this over at Learning in Wonderland and the best part is that it is FREE! My students need to be able to write directions. What's better then starting with something they do every day, brushing their teeth!

3. St. Patrick's Day
I posted earlier this week that we were celebrating St. Patrick's Day a little early since we will be on spring break. I used, yet another FREEBIE!! This time it is from The Teacher Wife.

 These two are some of my favorite. The top one is Tony Stark. He didn't quite understand that he was to write someone in his life that is special to him. He was extremely passionate about Tony Stark (Iron Man) that I let him have his fun. The second one is about me, but I love that she added that I make her laugh so much. I'm glad my students have as much fun as I do!!

4. Measurement
I also posted earlier this week that I was planning on doing a measurement activity that i found on Pinterest.
 5. Total Randomness
Today was a crazy crazy day, everything that could happen, did. Here is just a list of things that went on today...
  • dropped my wallet on the ground (which holds my iphone as well oh yeah, it was raining too)
  • forgot my umbrella
  • forgot my classroom key, therefore I was locked out of my room all day and I had to rely on my BFF-teacher-neighbor to let us in through the connecting door
  • got a new student (Not so annoying, but it was another boy. I have 6 girls and 15 boys!!)
  • a kid threw up at the end of the day and it even got on our new carpet :-(
  • rainy day today so the kids came in 10 minutes early while I was still prepping 
  • clear day and then down pour while walking to the buses
I'm sure more things happened, but that's all I'm going to write about. Despite everything that happened today, I'm surprisingly in a good mood. I'm off to enjoy, the now, sunny day. :-)


  1. We use Cara's unit and love it. So much fun. I have never seen that measurement activity but cannot wait to learn more about it. Thanks for sharing!

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

    1. The kids LOVED the measurement activity. It was so great seeing how they worked together and how they started to learn what worked well and what didn't.

  2. Six girls?!?! Eeek! I can only imagine how rambunctious that classroom gets! Glad you didn't let all those things ruin your day!

    Enjoy the weekend - you've earned it!

    Lucky to Be in First

    1. Yes, 6 girls. It's been like that my whole teaching career except for last year. I don't have any children of my own yet, but I always say that I have classes full of boys to prepare myself for a future full of boys, who knows!

  3. Wow- your class is full of boys! That must be tough. Is it just your class, or the school? I will never forget high school gym class my sophomore year. We had to take swimming that semester, and pass a swim test in our school pool. My class had 20 boys and 5 girls. It was intimidating, for sure! I am your newest follower. I found your blog through Doodle bug's link up. :)

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans

    1. I teach the ELD class and for some reason there are just more boys in ELD. My teaching partner also has an ELD class and she has mostly girls. I guess it's just how they were sorted last year. Total coincidence that I ended up with only 6 girls. I hope it's opposite next year or at least even. :-)

  4. I found you on Doodle Bug's link up and am your newest follower! That's the same ratio in my class for girls vs. boys?! For some reason it is like that for the whole 5th grade this year... Fingers crossed for next year, haha!

    Teaching with a Touch of Twang

    1. Oh man, I am already praying for more girls next year. :-)

  5. Bless your heart! I certainly hope this week is better for you! It always seems you get a new student on one of "those" days!

    Cute measurement activity...I'm going to check that out for our upcoming unit! Thanks for sharing!

    Teaching Maddeness

  6. 15 boys, you poor thing and I am a mom of 4 boys. I am your newest follower.

    The First Grade Princess