Friday, May 3, 2013

Otter-ly Amazing!!

This was our last "normal" week of the school year. After today, each week will have something fun involved. Not that every week isn't fun already, but you know how the end of the year goes. I want to make sure that my students are still learning in the middle of all the fun. So why not being fun into the learning?

1. One of my favorite animals are otters. We are in the middle of research reports, which I will be sharing in a future blog post. My example research report is about otters so as you can image, my students are now in love with otters too. We also got lucky that one of our Scholastic News talks about otters. So here is what they created...

2. With the end of the school year approaching, I wanted to reflect on the year with my students. Mrs. Sheehan's Owl-way Remember file was perfect!!

3. Today is DIBELS testing for my second graders. Most of them started the year at 0-20 words per minute and today they are expected to read at 110 words per minute. Even if they don't all make it to 110, I am still so proud of all the gains they have made this year.

4. I have been crafting a lot lately. Yesterday I made a card for a friend. Maybe I will post it once I give it to her. I know she's going to love it!!!

5. It's Friday!!! Three more weeks of school that's enough to celebrate. I am loving that summer break is almost here. Time to start getting ready for next year!!


  1. Love the owls and sea otters! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas...

    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers

  2. Wow! Your little reader is doing a fabulous job up there. I'm Brandee, your newest follower. :)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners