Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Classroom Progress

It's been a long summer, but finally I am able to work in my room. Here are just some progress photos. I will have to do a proper classroom tour in the future.

 I am excited to have a teaching corner. For right now, this is my dramatic play center. I feel like it takes up a lot of space, so I will probably be moving it somewhere else in the future.

 This is actually the back of my room. We have new Promethean board so even though I would normally set up my room facing this way, I am actually facing the other way. It feels a little strange.

 My grammar wall. We have ELD sections that are required to teach grammar for 1 hour a day. The whole school posts a grammar wall to reinforce the skills that are being taught in those ELD sections as well as the grammar that we teach in the non-ELD sections.

 I used to have a huge tree in my old classroom. I had to bring a little of that into my current classroom. Eventually I would like to create another large tree for tracking data. It will be on the empty wall next to it.

My reading/calendar wall. This is where I do most of my teaching. The Promethean board is to the left of this section.

 Math wall that will eventually move to the dramatic play center area.

How I will display student work.

 My bulletin board that is in... the HALLWAY!! I have always wanted to work in an indoor school just to be able to decorate outside of my door.

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