Friday, August 8, 2014

First Week of School

This week was the first week of school, my first week of kindergarten. After 6 years teaching 2nd grade, I had no clue what I was about to get myself into. The kids are definitely a lot smaller and most of them have never been to school before. So it was a learning experience for all of us.

I made sure to leave plenty of time in the morning to get ready. I even packed my car up the night before.

I normally have something really easy for the students to work on as they walk in the classroom, but this year we started doing breakfast in the classroom. It was nice for them to be able to eat breakfast as a way to welcome them to school. I thought the most nerve-wracking part was having parents in my room, but they were all really nice, took a few pictures of their babies on their first day of school, and were on their way.

Once parents were gone and breakfast way done we started our day. It consisted of lots of procedure, songs, procedure, GoNoodle, procedures, coloring, and did I mention procedures yet? The biggest thing that was a struggle was walking in a straight line. If one kid got out of line, they all followed them and it ended up like a big scatter of children. By the end of the week though, they pretty much had it down. I also had the kids complete this soccer ball coloring sheet as a way to test their coloring abilities, also to see who can hold a pencil/crayon correctly, and how well they could write their names. You can pick up the freebie from Kindergarten Smorgasboard. This is also where I got my idea to create a first day of kindergarten hat, that I personalized for my school.

All-in-all, it was a good first week. Definitely different, more tiring, and LLLOOONNNNGGG!! I am excited to see what the year has to bring and can't wait to learn more about these 5 and 6 year olds.

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