Thursday, November 6, 2014

We're Reading!

Just like the title says, we're reading! Guys, this is amazing!! Only a few months ago, my students didn't know their letters names or sounds and now... WE'RE READING!! Okay, I am hooked, I understand why kindergarten is so amazing! I am so proud of my little readers.

Most, if not all of my students were able to complete this activity on their own. They built the word with letter tiles, colored the beginning letter and the -at family, and then read the word. When they were finished with the assignment, the had to come and read all of the words to me and they did!! You can find this activity HERE.

This activity I was sure they weren't ready for. I saved it for Friday after we had practiced our -at words numerous times. I tried giving it to them sooner in the week, but they just looked at me and were not having it. By Friday they were ready and guess what... they did great on it! They loved it! Especially when they were able to use their own spinner. You can get this activity HERE.

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