Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Skippyjon Jones at Kohls

Have you heard that Skippyjon Jones is at Kohls? I'm just most of you already knew that. I received an email a while ago and forgot about it. Then while shooping in my local Kohls I saw him. Well I didn't see him, which made me sad. After I wasn't able to find little Skippy, I went online. I was able to find Skippy and all of his friends!

Talk about being excited! They also had a backpack for only $5. Yes, I forgot to mention that all of the toys, hardcover books, and backpack are only $5.

I bought all of the plush toys, but I bought 2 Skippy's. One for my classroom and one for this backpack. When I was in kindergarten, my teacher had a backpack with a teddy bear and a notebook inside. One lucky student got to take it home every weekend. Inside the notebook they would write what they did with the bear. I want to do the same thing in my classroom, only with Skippy. I'm also thinking of adding a disposable camera in the backpack as well to have them take a picture with them and Skippy. I can't wait for my order to come in!!


  1. I'm giving you a "One Lovely Blog" award! Come by and pick it up :)

  2. Oh YAY! Skippyjon is one of fave read alouds EVER! I am so doing the same thing!!! Thanks for the heads up. :D

    Teach On.

    1. No problem! I think I'm going to add some paper book copies of the book in the backpack as well.

  3. How adorable! I love Skippyjon and I love your, I am awarding you with the One Lovely Blog award. You can stop by to pick it up anytime!

    Keep Calm & Imagine

  4. Hi Jennifer:) I really enjoyed hoppin' around your blog. I just nominated you for the "One Lovely Blog" award so come on by to pick it up. I am trying to become one of your newest followers but Google is doing something weird tonight, it won't let me join anyone's blog! I promise I will come back by and join up with you. I look forward to following you!

    Teaching with Z