Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Spy Time

I have yet another activity that I picked up from Teacher Tipster. It is called I Spy Time.

Last week introduced time to my 2nd graders. They were pretty good at telling time to the hour so I decided to teach them I Spy Time. I paired up the students and they went around the classroom looking for the letters for each problem.

They were both equipped with a clip board and answer sheet (available on Teacher Tipster). Since this was the first time they played, I wanted them to be able to work with a partner. Once they found the letter that matched the answer sheet, they worked together to answer each question.

I'll have my students play this a few more times before using it as a math center. I love this game because I used it as an assessment and my students had a lot of fun with it. I would suggest only having 2-3 pairs of students going around the room at a time. That would be 4-6 students walking around total, while the other students are working on another activity. Ultimately, this is going to be a center so only 2 students will be walking around. This activity is so easy to recreate. All you have to do is create the letters and you can modify it to fit your needs. Right now it is time to the hour, but later on in the year it will be 1/2 hour, 15 minutes, and even to the minute. I'm thinking of changing the locations of the clocks in January to make it a little more interesting and bring the fun back to this activity.

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