Monday, July 1, 2013

Classroom Numbers

It's officially July and that means that school starts in a month. I posted a few projects last week that I wanted to work on. The first one was creating some sort of way to display my students' work. Last year I had picture frames for each student. I loved them, but it was such a hassle trying to change them out. I've decided to go with clothes pins. I've used clothes pins in the past, but I wanted something a little more personal, but yet something I wouldn't have to recreate every time I got a new student or from year to year.

I've created a free file for your to download if you'd like. Just click the image...
If you don't have a TPT account, you can also grab your copy HERE.

I am linking up over at Monday Made-It for the first time since last summer. Off to a great start already!!