Thursday, July 18, 2013

Parent Communication

This year I want to focus of parent communication. I work at a school where most of my parents speak Spanish so many times I am not able to communicate exactly what I want, whenever I want. that doesn't mean that I can't make a better effort not to communicate. I am all about technology and I can see that whenever I see parents or siblings, they always have their phones with them... don't we all? :-)

I came across this website:

It's an easy way for parents to get text message updates from you without giving them your phone number. You know that we all send out important reminders with students only to find it fall out of their backpacks a month later. With this website, you can also send a text reminder. That way you know parents will receive it. The best part is that they can choose to sign up or not. This website has a great flyer that you can print out for Open House or add in a newsletter. That way they can choose to be alerted or not. I also believe that they have an opportunity to sign up for email updates as well.

I forgot to mention another great option. There is a free app that you can download. That way you can create updates straight from your phone. If that doesn't make it even better, how about this... You can schedule reminders. I already have my first reminder scheduled for the day before the first day of school. Just a friendly little reminder about what time school starts and another one about school supplies. If hope you find this website/app useful this year. I'm going to use it sparingly so I don't annoy any subscribers. I am really excited to try it out this year. Let me know if you have ever used this in your classroom and how it works. Or if you plan on using it this year.

Another way That I plan on communicating with parents this year is through a classroom website.

Blogger is a great way to share information with other teachers so I decided to use it with my parents. This will be a great place to share what we are doing daily. I will be able to post pictures, videos, and even have my students write their own blog posts. I have tried a class newsletter, which I still plan on doing with larger updates. This is just a great way to add a little extra. Again, parents choose to look at it whenever they want, so it's convenient for them.

What are some ways you are preparing to communicate with your parents this year?

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  1. I used Remind 101 all year and loved it! Since you can schedule events in advance, as soon as things were posted to our campus calendar, I set up tons of reminders. Then, as things were needed or approached, I shoot out reminders. It was great! I even created a 2nd "class" on there for my tutoring kiddos so their parents had reminders of it being a tutoring day (so they'd pick their kids up on time *smile*). I include the flyer in their PIRATE notebooks and on their desks at Meet the Teacher. I keep it on my class website to download, too. It is great. The free app makes it easy when I think of something on the go, too. :)

    I know you'll meet your goal of better parent communication!