Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Currently

I cannot believe that it is July already. A little over three weeks until school starts back up again. How is that even possible? Since it's July 1st I am linking up with Farley for another monthly currently.

Listening: I am currently listening to my fan in my office/craft room because it is so hot outside. I know a lot of people are getting nervous about the Vegas heat, but I'm hoping it's a few degrees cooler than Phoenix. It's been rough! I'm also watching YouTube videos, as I do every day. ;-)

Loving: I am loving all of this free time that I have. Sure I have things that I need to be getting done, but being able to fit it in whenever I want is really nice!

Thinking: Usually I have to rush to eat breakfast in the morning or skip it and hear my stomach growl and rumble until lunch time. It is so nice being able to eat breakfast whenever I want and I have the luxury to make whatever I want and eat it at my own pace.

Wanting: I, like many of us, am wanting to be in Vegas. All of the fun starts in one week, but I am going up a day early with my husband. Only 6 more days!! Are you ready?

Needing: I am really needing to work on my masters this summer. My goal was to get 4 1/2 classes done. So far I have 3 3/4 left of classes. I have 2 months to finish them, will I get them done... hopefully.

All Star: This can go with the last part and that is procrastinating. I always have so many ideas and projects going on that I often procrastinate on other things. I am always hard at work on something, but that means that something else is being left behind. Hmmmm... maybe I'm good at multitasking then! :-)

So what are you up to? Make sure to link up and share your currently.


  1. I wish I was able to go to Vegas this year! I am looking forward to seeing everything in the next few weeks! Good luck on your grad class - I am a BIG procrastinator with that! I should be doing that but am not even motivated to start! Enjoy your July and try to stay cool!

    Becky from

    1. I didn't go last year and I was so sad. I decided to go last minute this year... see I'm a true procrastinator. ;-)

  2. Um...procrastinating is my thing. We can fight the title over queen...later! :)
    Good luck on finishing your classes. I start mine in August. I am really nervous, but excited at the same time. Have a fabulous time in Vegas. I hope its slightly cooler with lots of great AC!

    1. Haha, yes... everything can be done later. :-) My masters program is all online an self paced, so it makes it a little easier. I wouldn't be able to go in person or have due dates. That's too stressful!! Good luck in August!!

  3. We just got out of school June 17. There is no way I would be ready to go back in three weeks.
    Enjoy Vegas.

    1. Totally jealous that your summer just started. Enjoy it! :-)