Sunday, July 12, 2015

#TpTVegas15 Recap

What a week it has been. I just got back from Vegas yesterday and I wanted to to recap everything I learned from my time in Vegas. If you didn't know, I went to Vegas for the TpT conference. It was my first time every going to the conference and it was AMAZING. I met so many wonderful people that I hope to stay in contact with.

Now before I share with you my experience in Vegas, I first want to state that I have been selling on TpT since 2012. I took a two year break and I just now getting back into it. This conference is for everyone! If you are an experienced seller or just a beginner, everyone can get something from being in Vegas.

 I went to the conference with my BFF. I have to say that I was a little overwhelmed at first because there were so many people! The first night we went to the TpT meetup hosted by What the Teacher Wants. This was the best part of the trip for me because I was finally able to meet all of the teachers that I have looked up to for years.

It was amazing to be around like minded people who all love to teach. They not only inspire me as a teacher, but they also inspire imagination, creativity, and learning in the classroom. I am so lucky to say that I am part of the TpT and blogging community. I have always been my happiest in the classroom when I am communicating and interacting with others in the community.

My goal this year is to get back into the community. I have goals for myself that I will put into place and hopefully this time next year, I will meet those goals and be working towards new ones. Thank you Tpt and everyone else for the motivation to get back into this community and to help me continue my journey.

Of course there was also time for some fun, like eating ice cream at Serendipity and winning a GoNoodle shirt for trivia.

I would say that the big take away from the entire trip is to never give up. Keep working and good things will happen. Put quality into your work and create things that people can value. Create things that you are passionate about.

So to all of the new friends I met and all of the future connections I make, thank you all for being part of this amazing community.

I'm linking up with The Elementary Entourage to keep this party going. You can relive the experiences all over again or experience Vegas for the first time.


  1. That ice cream sundae looks divine! :-) You hit the nail on the head with this line: "It was amazing to be around like minded people who all love to teach." Exactly! Thanks for an enjoyable blog post.

    -- Susan
    The ESL Connection

    1. I want that ice cream sundae every day now. :-)

  2. Hey Jennifer!! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you! What a great experience!

    1. Diane,
      I LOVED meeting you. I love your energy and you put a smile on my face every time I talked to you.

  3. I'm so glad we got to be roomies! Love seeing all your pics!!